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Plastic cards purchase, our metal cards pay!
Custom Cards
Custom Cards
The front of your metal card promotes you not the bank, while the back of your metal card allows you to make your payments and shares your contact information via tap.
We don't design cards, you design your own card and we simply manufacture it for you out of metal.
Metal cards have become synonymous with luxury, style and success yet 99% of people have never seen, held or owned one because they have been notoriously hard to get for the average person.
This fact provides you with a great opportunity to profit as others choose to upgrade their plastic card to metal because you made it possible for them to do so!
You have never had this level of control before over the look and feel of your money.
Our free card design system is super easy to use and only takes a few moments of your time.
You need to have at least one really nice go to card that you can pull out and use to let others know that you're serious about your business!
Our Metal Diamond Card is an asset that can help you get the things you want in life!
Upgrade To A
Metal Card

We wil be adding $20.00 to your account once you notify us you recieved your new card.

$169.95 + S&H
12 Month Warrenty
Upgrade To A
Diamond Card

We wil be adding $50.00 to your account once you notify us you recieved your new card.

$279.95 + S&H
12 Month Warrenty
Your Purchase Supports Two Charities. Together We Can Help Raise Millions!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It will cost you $79.95 per month to keep your white and red stickers active. This $79.95 fee covers and unlimited number of stickers you place into the marketplace.

  • We do not charge your credit or debits card. We will try to automatically withdraw the money from your back office account. If the money is not there we will send you and invoice and you can decide if you want to pay it or not. Of course if you put your stickers out and get good responses we know you'll pay your monthly to continue growing your business. It's like running a $79.95 30 day ad on Facebook at the end of 30 days you can continue to run the ad if it is making you money or you can stop if you choose to.

  • Please allow 7 to 10 business days for sticker orders and you can choose to have a gas card shipped to you upon your first withdrawal. Please allow 7 to 10 business days to receive your gas card.

  • All of the money you earn is added to your back office account. You simply have to request the amount you wish to withdraw and whether you want us to add the money to your gas card or send it to you via Cash App or Zelle. This process typically takes about 1 business day to complete.

  • No you will have to purchase additional stickers to replace any lost stickers?

  • We send out gas cards with real gas on them. Scammers use their credit card to get our gas cards then charge it back. Plus it is important in our opinion that our members never have to worry about us making an unauthorized charge to their card which is what so many companies do. We know we have a very powerful program that can be beneficial to people who are truly looking for financial success. If we can help them to do that they will happily continue you to pay their fees. If it does not work for them they can stop and feel comfortable that they will not have a problem doing so.

  • We really don't have an age limit with your parents consent if you are under 18 years old. We believe that using our system to place stickers in your community can allow young people to be just as successful as anyone else!

  • Great question! We know one thing with a 100% certainty people buy gas and because of that fact many people in the gas industry have become millionaires and billionaires! As far as you joining them it's really up to you and your work ethic. Are you the kind of person that quits when something does not work for you right away or do you understand that the longer you do something the better you get at it and that is when the big money will show up? If you are willing to work hard at it for a year I think you will be well on your way to accomplishing your goal!

  • Yes the only restriction is that if you want to use your QR Code on a sticker you must purchase them from your back office.

  • If someone reports you we will terminate your membership.

  • Log into your back office and click on Request a Payout. You can select to have a gas card sent to you if you do not already have one or you can request that we send you cash via Cash App or Zelle.

  • Yes, everyone joins for free however if any of the people that join through you make a purchase before you become active you will only earn 20% on their purchase instead of 40%. Plus you will not earn any Profit Sharing.

  • When you order some stickers we will make you active for 30 days. After 30 days you must pay your $79.95 monthly membership to remain active. If you become in active you will only earn 20% instead of 40% on the sticker purchases made by the members you personally referred and you will not be eligible to earn any Profit Sharing or Matching Bonuses.

  • If you are active you earn 40% if you are not active you will earn 20%. To be active you must pay your $79.95 monthly membership fee. You do not have to remain active unless you feel it is beneficial for you to do so.

  • We only accept Cash App, Zelle and PayPal will never automatically charge your card for anything!

  • No, there is no limit and the best part is that if you put 9 stickers or 999 stickers to work your monthly fee of $79.95 keeps all of your stickers active! This is the only business that allows you to grow without increasing your overhead. Think about it the overhead is a lot more to put 9 cars to work on Turo than it is to put 1 car to work. The same thing for vending machines or any other opportunity!

  • Upon your first withdrawal you can request that we send you a gas card or pay you via Cash App or Zelle. Cash App and Zelle payments can typically be completed in 1 business day. Please allow up to 7 - 10 business days for your card to arrive if you select that option.

  • You can order red stickers from your back office and place them on or near gas pumps. You can purchase white stickers and place them in other high traffic areas. You can purchase QR Codes from your back office that can be used on Flyers, Business Cards and Social Media Postings etc.

    Each QR Code is unique so that you know exactly which codes are producing for you.

    Example: You order one QR Code for your flyers and you order another QR Code for your Facebook Postings. Whenever someone joins or makes a purchase you will know which QR Code generated the results!

  • Monitoring the sales of our program is easy. The back office platform we provide for you has a built in monitoring and reporting system.

  • We provide a wide range of effective promotional QR Codes for our Members: textual links, banners, data feeds, themed promotions, and much more. In addition, we can provide customized materials on request. Please feel free to contact us anytime at members@FreeGasClub.com.

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